Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stone Wall Amid the Meadow - World's End

Stone Wall Amid the Meadows
My second map assignment at the South Street Gallery paint out for Worlds End faced Hingham Harbor.  Of the two assignments, I expected this to be the nicer view scene, but unfortunately it was dead low tide.    There was virtually no water when it was time to set up, which helped with the decision to turn in the opposite direction.   I captured a gorgeous uphill view which included a nice old stone wall, large old maple trees and a puffy-cloud, fair-weather  sky.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Six Boats and a House That Floats

Six Boats and a House That Floats - Phase One
Our accomodations in Newport, RI had a rooftop deck that offered spectacular views of Newport Harbor.   It was the first full day and my plan was to paint a harbor scene.  I knew about the roofdeck.  I fought off the urge to be lazy and not lug my painting gear from the carport level - to the elevator - to the fifth floor down the hall - through the fire door - to the last flight of stairs to the roof.     I would be glad I went after this unique vantage;  top down views are among the most dynamic compositions because of the sharp angles.

Six Boats and a House That Float
The drawing itself was challenging.  Sight-sizing wasn't possible because in order to see my scene, I had to lean over the railing and look down, versus having the canvas and scene side-by-side.    I guess that made it more of a memory exercise.    Other than the occasional gusty wind and constant rumble of the ventilation system, it was very pleasant!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rocky Outcropping - World's End

Hull Harbor Overlook - Stage One
Hull Harbor Overlook - Stage Two
The South Street Gallery in Hingham invited me to participate in a paint-out event at World's End in Hingham, MA, a beautiful penninsula that is a part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. The paintings are part of a silent auction taking place this June (2017) and a portion of the proceeds benefit The Trustees of World's End.

Painters drew lottery numbers which corresponded to several scenic locations on the World's End map.    I picked two numbers, leading to the discovery of a deer gathering spot along the shore.   How did I know that?   Well after trekking down a steep grassy slope, following a very narrow deer-sized opening in the tall grass, I came to a flat spot where the grass was freshly flattened, as if something had been lying there.  

Rocky Outcropping - World's End
Further evidence was the fact that during my post-paint-out visit, Opie, my grandpuppy, was a bit crazed as he apparently caught a scent on my boots.     This view faced the long neck of land that comprises Hull, MA, although there were rocky outcroppings between me and Hull.  Spring Worlds End facing the Hull Side.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Soaring at Sunset

Soaring at Sunset
It probably isn't difficult to determine that I am a morning person.   Most of my plein air painting is typically done in the first part of the day, and there are few sunset paintings.    This is an exception.   It depicts the Green Harbor River channel with sunset approaching.   The light cast by the low sun was purple and pink, except for the large, high clouds which caught more yellow rays.  Even the seagull soaring overhead was tinted pink.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Marshside Birdbath

Marshside Birdbath - Stage One

Last fall I found this old birdbath at an estate sale.   It was in fairly good condition and just needed a coat of black spray paint to spruce it up.   Well it is a big hit with my feathered friends - not only for frequent sips of water but for the activity its name suggests.   The two house finches featured in this painting have a nest in a shrub on my back deck, and are currently working on hatching five dime sized eggs.  They seem to swoop to the birdbath all day, although they always defer to larger starlings.

Marshside Birdbath - Stage Two

It was the end of May and the late afternoon sun had a hazy brightness when I started this painting.  Although it has been raw and damp, this was my kind of day, 65 degrees, not too sunny, and breezy.    The sweet old-fashioned shape of the birdbath caught my eye so rather than packing up for an elaborate paint out, I just set up in the backyard and enjoyed the view.
Marshside Birdbath